La FÀBRICA de RAJOLES de TOUS is a company dedicated to the manufacture of decorative ceramics for construction. With a production capacity of 500 m2 per day. Specialized in ceramics floors, coatings and special pieces, we manufacture bases, borders, moldings, presses, decorations, handmade pieces, terracotta and all the other complementary parts of the tiles. Using matte, glazed, or high gloss, non-slip, gold or platinum, metallic, photoluminescence... on ceramics or glass. La FÀBRICA de RAJOLES de TOUS offers the latest trends in ceramic flooring manufacturers and creates their own tile collections for floors and walls, for the general public, through prescriptors: architects, interior designers, decorators and the main distributors.




 The ALMA MATER of La Fàbrica de Rajoles de Tous

The Fàbrica de Rajoles de Tous was founding by Agustí Palau in 1980, industrial master in Graphic Art and artisan recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia, creating decorative ceramics, collaborating with architects in the recovery of historic buildings and designing new forms and textures for unique buildings.

Oristel•la Cejudo, interior designer, has been the responsible of the product since 1988 and the owner of the Fàbrica de Rajoles since 2019. It is who materializes the ideas of our customers, in glazed tiles and textures on ceramic support.

Màrius Palau, belongs to the fourth generation of a family dedicated to art. It is the relief and the continuity. Fusion between artisan and the latest technologies.

He deals the international relations.

Política de privacitat i condicions d'ús

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